Sandy Bear Thank Valero For Transformational Support

“You voted and named Sandy Bear Children’s Bereavement Charity your Charity of the Year for 2019. We went on to achieve an incredible amount of work together, resulting in a Children’s Bereavement hub for the whole of Pembrokeshire. Without your amazing support our Sandy Bear house would not be where it is now – providing support to all Pembrokeshire children.

We wanted to share with you how meaningful your kindness has been to the bereaved children, young people and families in Pembrokeshire that we are privileged to support.
The hours you volunteered saw you empty, repair, clean, paint and decorate a beautiful space dedicated to supporting children and young people. Through your kindness, we now have a lovely and welcoming home, where our children, young people and families can visit us, in an environment created solely with them in mind.

Your generosity has enabled us to work with over 100 children and their families and carers directly at Europa House, helping them through the most difficult and distressing of times. With your support, we are working very hard to support those who come to us to see and reach for happiness in their lives and move forward following the death of a loved one.

We know our service makes a positive difference to bereaved children, young people and families, they’ve told us! They’ve also told us how safe and relaxed they feel in our Sandy Bear house which enables them to talk as easily as they can about what’s happened to them, their fears and their hopes.
Without your support, this would not have been possible – on behalf of the children, young people and their families; our volunteers; our trustees; and Anita, Karen and Ceri, we want to say a huge thank for all that you have done and all you continue to do.

We feel very blessed to have the support from the employee volunteers at Valero.”

Anita Hicks and Karen Codd
Founders of Sandy Bear Children’s Bereavement Charity