Sandy Bear House needs you this Christmas!

Can you support Sandy Bear House to continue to be there for bereaved children, young people and their families?

Christmas is magical experience but for many of our children and their families, following a bereavement, it can be a time of apprehension and anxiety.

Without the support of our fantastic community, Sandy Bear House would not exist – a warm and welcoming place created solely in mind for children and young people.

Can you support Sandy Bear House to ensure we are there for children and young people through the most challenging times?

Sandy Bear House means the team at Sandy Bear – Anita, Karen, Anneline and Ceri – have the privilege of working with lots of very special children and young people who are facing the most difficult circumstances, providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to manage a new life without their special loved one.

Sandy Bear House is where we train our dedicated group of volunteers who give freely of their time.

Our ratio of volunteers is 1 volunteer per 2 children in each group and each volunteer commits to 6 sessions with the same children over the course of several months.

It costs £45 a day to be there for those children and young people and your support will mean a world of difference.

Even though our Christmas plans have affected by Covid-19, we are still determined to make a world of difference to bereaved children and young people with your support.

Sandy Bear House is a safe space for children to talk about their worries, fears and hopes and a place where they can smile again.

Please help us to be there for them by donating to support Sandy Bear House!

You can do so via the donate button on our website or on our Facebook page

Thank you so much!

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