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Developing Our Services

We are continually developing our services through our direct experiences with children, young people and families and listening closely to their feedback. We also value the lived experience of our service users, volunteers and Trustee Board.

We believe it is important to develop new services where there is an identified need within our community for support. Below you will find two new services we are hoping to launch soon to widen our bereavement services so that no child or young person should suffer in silence.

Anticipatory Grief

For the children and young people involved and their remaining families, it can be hard to prepare for the eventuality of death. The impending loss can bring up great challenges, particularly for children as they adjust to finding new ways of living and coping without their loved one. Even before death, children and young people can experience a strong sense of loss. This affects a third of children currently referred to us.

Preparing children who are living with a loved one with a life limiting condition helps to promote good memories and emotional resilience, encouraging dialogue and actions between the dying and the child about what happens next.

It is important for the child to be informed, involved and have a voice in important decision-making processes affecting them.

mother with child
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