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Sandy Bear started out as a Pembrokeshire based child bereavement service within the NHS in 1996 and it supported around 60 children and young people a year. By 2009 that figure had risen upward to 158 per year. With additional support from Welsh Government via local authorities.

Sadly, in 2016, with growing financial constraints to statutory provision, the service was decommissioned despite it still being very much needed. Fortunately, the service had supported many Children and families to such an extent that a dedicated group of children’s health professionals, past users and other interested parties met to discuss what now?

Two of our co-founders (and clinical leads) started working remotely, often out of the back of their cars with their sole focus being on supporting children and families when they most needed it.

In 2017, a trustee board was established and on 10th June 2018, two years after the service had stopped, Sandy Bear children’s bereavement charity was formed. We later had the support of facilities and space with Pembrokeshire Frame, and in May 2019, we moved into the current Sandy Bear HQ in Milford Haven.

Our recent history and our first few years is thanks to the generous support of the local community of individuals, organisations and networks who have championed our cause and recognised the value in what we do. We would not have done it without so many people motivated to ensure our survival.

We now support over 200 children and young people each year with numbers growing. We also support their parents/carers/guardians and other professionals involved in their lives.

With our roots in Pembrokeshire and West Wales we have ambitious plans to ensure that no matter where in Wales a child or young person resides, or whatever their circumstances, they should have access to appropriate and timely bereavement support.

With our family stories and outcomes achieved as our motivation, and our tag line “Helping children smile through the tears”. Sandy Bear is very much looking to the future and to developing resilient, well-adjusted and supported children and young people. Not letting bereavement hold them back from reaching their fullest potential.

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