Parents, Carers and Guardians

Adults supporting children and young people following a bereavement can be tough. Often with the person who has died being close to you, but a feeling that you have to be strong for those in your care.

Sandy Bear works with children and young people to unpack their own thoughts, feelings and understanding of a death, and how best to build positive memories whilst also having an awareness of the feelings of those around them. We support you to do the same, and on how best to speak to children and young people about how they feel, and how to express your own feelings to them.

Be it ways of breaking the news of a death, or how to talk about your own grief, our team are non-judgemental and take every conversation, person and family as a unique situation. We have books, activities and resources which can help you to work with those in your care.

Where we are funded, we also hold parent groups to give you the opportunity to meet with others in similar positions to yourselves. Our parents find this invaluable in working through their own grief and to share experiences of speaking to children and young people about their emotions.

In areas where we are not funded to work fully, we can still offer you support via telephone and email.

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