Volunteers Week – Suzi’s Story – Why I Volunteer


As part of Volunteer Week 2024, we spoke to Suzi, one of our incredible volunteers, about what Sandy Bear means to her and why she volunteers.

Suzi started volunteering for Sandy Bear about 2.5 years ago, and during that time has been involved in events, supported children and young people in peer group sessions and delivered lots of Easter Eggs around Pembrokeshire.

Suzi explained, “It’s lovely to still use my skills, to stop them going dusty on the shelf. Everyone in Sandy Bear is lovely and it is a privilege to be invited to be part of a young person’s journey through grief.”

Suzi explained that there is a volunteer role for everyone within the Sandy Bear family, and not all roles need to be working face to face with children and young people. “I have met people on a career break and volunteers who just want a different group of people to socialise with. It is great to feel part of something. Volunteering with Sandy Bear means I am learning new skills as I have been offered extra training events, which always look good on a CV.”

“I love seeing the Sandy Bear magic happen. To see a child’s face light up with joy as they build their own memories of their loved one makes me very humble. I am always amazed at the respect even very young children have for each other in the support groups.”

People often think working with children and young people who have had a loved one die is all about tears. Suzi shared, “Some of the children will say funny things, we never know what is going to be said. We know that there will be laughter and joy, and some amazing moments, like the time a young person who had been very quiet, just came up to me, and gave me a hug. That makes my volunteering really fulfilling.” We are always seeking new volunteers at Sandy Bear. If you are interested in a specific role or want to find out more about our charity, you can contact us by emailing Sallie, our Volunteer Development Officer via volunteering@sandybear.co.uk or sallie.hobbs@sandybear.co.uk