Dragon LNG helps to raise the profile of local children’s bereavement charity

Dragon LNG
John Jones from Dragon LNG with Sandy Bear staff Karen, Anneline and Hannah

The staff and business partners at Dragon LNG have chosen Sandy Bear Children’s Bereavement Charity as their 2021 charity of the year. 

Sandy Bear offers one to one sessions and group events for children of all ages to help them understand their feelings and to realise they are not alone. They also offer support to these families to help them through their grief.

Ceri Crichton, Charity Development Lead for Sandy bear said ‘We are all thrilled to be voted Charity of the Year partner by Dragon LNG and look forward to working with the team over the coming months. The nomination will strengthen our ability to support bereaved children and young people across Pembrokeshire and in doing so, help them through the most challenging situation; the death of a loved one.’

Any child or young person can be referred to Sandy Bear by completing a form found on their website www.sandybear.co.uk or by telephoning  01437 700272.

Lydia Uchronski, HR manager and chairperson for Dragon LNG’s Social and Wellbeing committee commented “We are very proud to be supporting Sandy Bear and the wonderful work that they do to support young people and families.  Dealing with the pain of bereavement is so hard at any stage of life, but for children to have to process such painful emotions is truly heartbreaking.  The support provided by Sandy Bear during these difficult times is both humbling and inspiring and we hope that our donations will help this essential service to continue to help those who need it in times of despair, to make their present a little easier and future a little brighter.’

Dragon LNG