Andrea – Why I became a Trustee

Andrea Farmer, current Treasurer of Sandy Bear, became involved with the charity at the beginning of its journey back in 2017. As part of Welsh Charities Week 2023, Andrea has share with us what it is like to be a Trustee for Sandy Bear Children’s Bereavement Charity.

“I became a Trustee back in 2017 when we were a small group championing to set Sandy Bear up as charity. I feel passionate about children and young people having the right support when they are bereaved.”

Being a Trustee is a huge responsibility and involves tasks to ensure that the charity is carry out the duties if has been set up to do. Andrea, as Treasurer is involved heavily in all aspects of the finances and ensures the running of Sandy Bear is going smoothly in the background.

“As the Treasurer, my roles involves me monitoring all aspects of banking including monitoring the income and expenditure, paying invoices, salaries and expenses as well as ensuring Sandy Bear is a safe place for people to visit by having heating and electricity. As a Trustee, I hold legal accountability for the work done by the charity and the use of its funding. To ensure everything is operating smoothly, I attend quarterly Trustee Board Meetings and the Financial Sub Committee.”

As well as completing her Treasurer duties, Andrea also helps with the charity events, both for the children and young people but also to raise vital funding.

“I enjoy all aspects of being a trustee and volunteering for Sandy Bear. To know that my role is helping children, young people and their families at such a terrible time in their lives is very rewarding. The difference that Sandy Bear makes is unbelievable.”

We are always seeking new Trustees and volunteers at Sandy Bear. If you are interested in a specific role or want to find out more about our charity, you can contact us through one of the methods below:

Trustee roles

Email of call our CEO, Lee Barnett: 07548124868 or


Email of call our Volunteer Manager, Hannah Beer: 07745564532 or